Like a lot of places in New Hampshire, offering activities year-round wasn't enough to escape the list.

Let's be positive here; New Hampshire is kinda fancy. Whether freezing in February, or still sweltering in September, (summer seems to run longer every year) there are plenty of things to occupy our time. However, there's has to be a winner, even in a 'most boring' contest. recently complied "'Most Boring Town in Every State' list, and Bartlett won the blue ribbon.

At first glance, how could a town with Attitash Mountain Resort AND Story Land be boring? Pull up a chair to the intersection of 302 and 16 (especially during leaf peeping season) and you'll be entertained for hours! Using a mix of population (2,788), age (50.1), and number of entertainment spots (6) yeah, but they are a QUALITY 6, they zeroed in on Bartlett.

Also factoring in is the fact there's only 37 people per square mile (Bartlett covers more than 75 square miles), and percentage of people over 65 (22.7). Neither of which are a detriment, right? Whatever, they got it wrong. Bartlett is aye-okay with me.

What do YOU consider the most boring town in the Granite State?


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