If we can’t see football games at Gillette Stadium this year at least we can have the next best thing – Dinosaurs!

Masslive.com is reporting that we finally have something to do with the kids that is safe and fun!

The article states that Gillette Stadium will be transformed into ‘Jurassic Quest,’ which will feature more than 70 moving and ‘roaring’ dinosaurs and will be a drive-through exhibit.  Visitors to the new exhibit will drive though, safari park style, while listening to the narration of the exhibit in their cars.

According to masslive.com, The ‘Jurassic Quest’ exhibit will be open from September 4 through the 13.  The adventure will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.  You can purchase tickets online, and they will be $49 a vehicle and $80 for vehicles that hold nine to 15 people.


I hope this event is a huge success and I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be. Families are looking for adventure and I think as a kid (even as an adult) I would love to drive through ‘Jurassic Quest’ and be transported back in time and see dinosaurs in the wild, so cool.

Want to see a 50-foot Megalodon or an 80-foot Spinosaurus?  Now is your chance.  The pandemic has locked down a lot of fun activities and this seems like such an awesome way to get out and have an adventure with the kids.

I have to admit I think I want to do this with my wife since my kids are older and probably can’t be convinced to come with us.  I love thinking outside the box on this adventure.  If I can’t see the Patriots play, at least I can see dinosaurs!

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