Okay, Now the Tom Brady Subway Ads Make Sense to me


If you were baffled as to why Subway would use Tom Brady as a spokesperson when he doesn’t eat anything at Subway, you aren’t alone.  I, too, was baffled at the Quarterback who is famously known for his strict dietary needs would being doing a Subway commercial. A recent announcement about “hero bread” I suppose was the lead-up to having Tom Brady as a spokesperson.  According to yahoo.com, “hero bread’ is being rolled out in test markets to specific Subway markets.


What is Hero Bread


According to yahoo.com, Hero Bread is described by the food-tech startup as being “the Beyond Meat of bread.”  My daughter made me a Beyond Burger trying to convince me to come over to the vegetarian side of life.  The burger was good, it was even juicy but when I found out that juicy appearance came from beet juice, I decided real meat was easier for me.  The Hero bread is no sugar, 1 gram of carbs, only 100 calories, and 12 grams of protein.  Call me a doubter, but I have questions as to how that would taste.


The only bread Tom Brady Eats


I suppose the whole reason behind Brady being a spokesperson for Subway was to get the media talking and then spring this hero bread on us as “the only bread Tom Brady eats,” per the news outlet.  As most of you that follow me know, I am obsessed with Tom Brady’s diet.  Sadly, you have to follow the whole diet strictly.  I’ll try the bread when it comes to a Subway near me and reserve judgment.



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