'Hemi' has been in the care of the wonderful humans at Cocheco Valley Humane Society in Dover for a total of over 250 days. It's time this baby got his forever home.

'Hemi' (short for Hemingway), first came to CVHS back in 2017. The poor pup had survived some brutal abuse and neglect and had scars, both physical and emotional from his painful past.

Cocheco Valley Humane Society says, due to 'Hemi's'  traumatic experiences, he exhibited some behavioral issues. He was understandably anxious and distrusting of humans. We knew finding him a home wouldn't be easy, but we were determined to find him a loving family. And after just three months at the Dover shelter, Hemi was adopted. But, that adoption, through no fault of Hemingway did not work out.

This 3-year-old male American Bulldog was brought back to CVHS in October and they are still looking to find his forever, forever home. All 'Hemi' wants is to be loved.

The Cocheco Valley Humane Society's website  has launched #HappinessforHemi to find the perfect home for this playful guy.

Head over to CVHS's website to read more about the goofy, adorable bulldog and help spread the word. Let's see if we can find 'Hemi' his true forever home.

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