Do you remember when Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, started the relaxed look for work wear?  Soon, suits didn't work anymore at many jobs.

Casual Fridays became casual every day, in order to cultivate a culture of creativity and expressionism.

This movement trickled down to many workplaces and changed the entire clothing and apparel industry, as people realized it was much more comfortable to dress down than dress up.

We now appear to be at another crossroads, as the work environment (for those who don't work remotely) evolves yet again.

June 25 is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and people are doing just that.  While dogs are generally not allowed in offices, if you are bargaining with your boss or company to allow dogs at work (other than service animals), here are a few tips.

According to, the benefits of a dog-friendly environment are plenty, as it can boost morale and lighten up the office.   Here are some tips if you are trying to make a convincing pitch.

- Dogs help us get up and be active. Around 80% of jobs are sedentary, which is bad for your health.

- Dogs make you feel less lonely.  It's like having your bestie at work.

- Dogs are excellent for stress relief, especially when they are silly.

- Dogs can help break the ice in a stiff environment. Dog-friendly people are usually people-friendly too.

- Having a dog in the office makes employees feel more 'at home' at work.

- Most dogs can learn how to adapt in an office setting, as many dogs think they're human anyway.

- A dog can give an office more personality.

-Allowing dogs is a simple and easy gesture that can improve office morale.

The only thing you have to be aware of is if any person in the office is allergic to animals.  That's when bringing your dog to work could be torture for someone, even if they love dogs.

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