This day in age, the saying "the grass is always greener on the other side" has never reigned more true. With social media and comparison culture we are constantly measuring our own lives up against the lives of people we follow on Instagram, sometimes they are complete strangers! On Instagram everyone's house looks bigger, their hair looks shinier, their car looks newer, etc. It can make even the most mentally stable of human's heads want to explode. But you can't know what a person's life is actually like by simply looking at their highlight reel. We have A LOT to be grateful for. It's normal to need reminding of that sometimes.

We are now deep into the Winter months but just remember as you are bundling up in your North Face with your ice scraper in tow, there are people out there who have never seen snow in their lives! They would love to live where we live! BE GRATEFUL.

Let's review the reasons why we are so dang lucky to live in New Hampshire. (feel free to refer back to this list as we endure the rest of Winter)

Don't Complain: 7 Reasons You are Lucky to be living in New Hampshire

Despite our punishing Winters, here are seven reasons you should feel lucky to be livin' that New Hampshire life!

These 10 NH Places Bring Back the Best Memories

10 Things You Totally Remember If You Lived in New Hampshire In the 1980's

If you lived here in New Hampshire in the 1980's, there's no way that you didn't know about these events, people and places. They were part of our lives and some, still are. Sadly a few are no longer with us, but enjoy this list. I know I enjoyed remembering all these things from back in the day.

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