Starting Thursday, September 19th, you have to go hands free in your car - that's mean no holding your cell phone - and cops won't be messing around with warnings.

When they say hands free, they mean it. If you type in an address even if your phone is mounted to the dash, you can get a ticket for that. Even if you are at a stop.

According to the Portland Press Herald, if police even see a cell phone in your hand, it's enough for them to stop you, and it's 50 dollars for your first offense.

Man using cell phone while driving the car

Police are warning that they will be unforgiving with this new law. Now only Massachusetts is the only state in New England without this hands free law, according to the newspaper.

If you don't have controls on your steering wheel for Bluetooth, police say you should get a phone mount for the dashboard or center console.

Here's what you CAN do with that phone, according to the Portland Press Herald: You can touch, tap or swipe ONCE to make it go hands free. Make sure wherever you put the phone, it doesn't block your sight line.

So make sure you put that address into your GPS before you get moving, because you can't touch that phone. And since you can't scroll through Spotify or iTunes, you might want to just keep listening to the radio.

Good luck not touching that phone!

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