According to Seacoastonline, Donut Love is opening a second location in downtown Exeter! The owner is aiming for a December opening though he believes the shop might have to wait until early 2020. The news site states that the first Donut Love location is n Route 1 in North Hampton, where the speed limit is 40 mph. The owner Mike Oliveira is really looking forward to the community vibe and the foot traffic that will come with a downtown shop.

Mike has a really interesting background! He is very well known in the community since he was a school resource officer in Stratham. He started selling his potato-based doughnuts out of his North Hampton home kitchen in 2016.

Doughnuts have risen in popularity as the new trendy treat on the block especially in the past three years. They have replaced cupcakes when it comes to "Instagram worthy" treats. Keep your eye out for the new Donut Love location opening in downtown Exeter and in the meantime the North Hampton location will be running to fulfill all of your doughnut related needs.

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