There is a famous person roaming the streets of Dover, New Hampshire and you don’t even know it. Accord to Foster's Daily Democrat, Benjamin Breault graduated from Dover High School last year and was very involved in the DHS drama productions. He credits the theater teacher Marjorie Mercerou who encouraged him to embrace his creative side, which he shyed away from for awhile.

Since he threw the cap at graduation, Benjamin has been thriving. He was in a film that featured in the Sundance Film Festival and he's also going to feature in a new Netflix series called “The Society”. According to this Glamour Article, it is going to be the next "must binge" watch show on your list. The show is apparently a modern take of "Lord of the Flies", a book I never had to read in high school. The series was filmed in Massachusetts

Obviously his parents are super wicken proud! His dad actually a police chief for the Dover Police Department. No matter where Ben's stardome takes him, New York, LA, Dover will always be home :)

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