Mandy Vacca had quite the scare on Friday with her 4-year-old son in Dover, NH. She took to the What's Happening in (or to) Dover NH Facebook page to share her story and hopefully locate and thank the man who saved her son's life.

Mandy and her son were in the back fields of Tendercrop Farm. This story hits very close to home because Tendercrop is less than a mile from the radio station!

All of a sudden her son started running full speed towards the algae covered pond which was down hill from where they were. Mandy was about 30 feet behind her son and yelling at home to SLOW DOWN!

Mandy's son has autism and he she explains in the post that sometimes he can get hyper focused on something. In this case, it was the pond that he thought was a trampoline!

Now, this is where the story gets a little scary. Her son then fell into the algae ridden water and was completely submerged. The water was deep and over his head.

Fortunately, there was another family down there. A mom, dad, and their two little boys. The nearby dad never hesitated and ran right into the water to pull him out into safety. Mandy thanked the man profusely for saving her little guy.

She felt bad that she bolted out of there quickly. They had a long walk of shame ahead of them and let's not forget her son was soaking wet and covered in green muck.

Mandy hopes the man who rescued her son didn't ruin his shoes! She also said she cant thank him enough for being at the right place at the right time and for being in total “dad mode".

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