We all know senior year is not what the kids expected.  The coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on everything, and a lot of high school seniors are struggling with the fact that they are missing out on a huge milestone.

We've talked about some cool ideas that different schools are doing across the country, from "hologram" ceremonies, to students getting to drive on some famous racetracks, to "virtual" graduations.  We're doing Senior shout outs on the radio to recognize seniors as well.

One mom in East Kingston, NH came up with a pretty cool idea. WBZ 4 reports that Karen McMahon wanted to do something to recognize high school seniors in her town.

She decided to take pictures of all the kids in her town and post them along Route 107.  McMahon tells WBZ 4 that it was not an easy process. She worked with the Chief of Police Mike Paige to cut through the red tape to get approval to hang the pictures.

McMahon says that this would normally take months to get the approval to put the pictures up on the poles but they were able to get it done with a lot of cooperation.

The East Kingston Police Department even posted about it on their Facebook page:

McMahon tells WBZ 4 that this was really important for the kids:

“So they can see too the community is supporting them. We know they’re there. We’re thinking about them all the time,”

What a cool idea!  I love seeing all the creative ways our communities are coming together to support the Class of 2020!


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