This morning, Ruby, a 2 year old Holstein cow found herself in a well, a trough of manure.

According to WUMR News 9, firefighters received a call around 6:30 a.m. about a cow caught in a narrow trough used to remove waste from a University of New Hampshire barn. Chief Dave Emanuel, of the Durham Fire Department told WMUR, “an animal had fallen down between one of the grates in the trough that carries animal waste manure out of the barn.” Things got quite dirty for those on the scene. “We had multiple people in the manure trough, which was 4 1/2 to 5 feet deep in waders to get underneath and strap the animal so we could hoist her out.”

How'd you start your Tuesday?

Also, there's a "cow ambulance." Firefighters used a tool which has straps normally reserved for vehicles.

The rescue efforts paid off, and Ruby was appeared to be OK.

“She jumped right up for us and walked her right down to the barn, so she's a stoic, strong cow,” Dr. Dean Elder, a UNH attending veterinarian told WMUR. “Ruby is doing pretty well we're trying to get her dried off and cleaned up a little bit."

They don't call us Cow Hampshire for nuthin'


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