With Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and now Julian Edelman gone it has been kind of rough being a Patriots fan. Of course the loyal ones will stick by Belichick and Kraft no matter what but let's face the facts: It's more fun to watch sports when your team is winning games! I barely know the difference between the NHL and the NFL and even I can tell you that. Even though our Patriots delivered an underwhelming season last year, our Boston Bruins are lifting our spirits by making it to the playoffs! What a time to be alive!

Sadly we were beaten in our own house last night by the Islanders in game two. It all came down to that final goal and it just didn't happen.

But the playoffs aren't over until the fat lady sings! We will have another chance to redeem ourselves on Thursday and that gives our boys plenty of time to rest up strategize.

One of my favorite things we do on Chio and Kira in the Morning is deliver you custom and local remixes to some of your favorite country songs! It gets us all fired up for games plus it sets us apart from other morning shows! That morning show that you hear piping in from NYC or Nashville isn't going to have Bruins remixes for you. JUST SAYIN'!

Here is our brand spankin' new Chio and Kira Boston Bruins remix to the tune of "I Love my Country" It may be our best one yet. Of course, I do say that about all of our remixes.

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