The Sassy Biscuit Co. in downtown Dover is always gracing my newsfeed with content that makes me smile. Such as this piece of fried chicken with a peep bunny on top for Easter. How cute is that?

Or these carrot cake waffles! Is that maple butter? OH MY GOD, GET IN MY BELLY!

Or this cute baby at brunch living her best life:

The Sassy Biscuit simply gives the people what they want on social media so make sure you follow them on all of the things!

Beyond delivering great content on social media, they also serve up delicious, elevated, comfort food IRL (in real life, as the kids say) And I love to see how involved the Sassy Biscuit is with the people of this area. I always see them posting about specials and exciting news on the City of Dover Facebook page. By being so accessible to the community, I think this will help the Sassy Biscuit become a Seacoast staple. They are well on their way!

According to their recent Facebook post, The Sassy Biscuit announced that they have been approved for live entertainment at their Dover location. Yet another way to support our local community by giving our local artists a place to shine!

Do you know someone in an amazing 90's cover band? How about a rising country artist? What about someone who performs spoken word poetry? Any and all local artists who are looking for a local venue to perform in, send the Sassy Biscuit a message on Facebook! And I'm excited to enjoy some live and local entertainment along with my brunch on Sundays :)


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