Dear Truck Couple,

First off, a tip of the cap with respect to the absolute OG rusty brown (and I mean that as a color palette, not an insult) Dodge Ram truck you both were rocking on the road that day. I appreciate a vehicle with a lot of character, and appreciate people that drive their vehicles into the ground. Respect.

Secondly, I also just want to say one thing to you -- you're welcome. And I suppose I should thank you, too.

Who knew the universe would've lined us up at that intersection in Epping, New Hampshire, the day after the Super Bowl. Quite honestly, I'm grateful it did, because I think it made for the perfect drive home for both of us.

When we both cruised up to the white line at the red light at the intersection of Calef Highway and Exeter Rd/Water St, I happened to be deep into a playlist I had based off of the halftime show the night before. See, I was born in the 80s, and thankfully spent a good chunk of my childhood in the 90s, which meant I was thriving during that Super Bowl Halftime Show the night before.

And, like other 90s kids across the country (and probably the globe, really), I was still buzzing with the after-effects of it. So, when we both pulled up side-by-side at that intersection, I had -- no pun intended -- lost myself in the moment in the Eminem song that was on (no, it wasn't "Lose Yourself," but instead, "The Real Slim Shady.")

You know that feeling you have when someone has eyes on you? That's exactly what I felt toward the end of the verse I was rapping along with Eminem to (completely with finger-rapping motions), which is why as soon as I hit the last word, I turned to my left, to see a massive smile on the passenger's face.

And that's instantly when I knew you had seen me in action, living my best life, intensely rapping. And that's when one of you, the passenger, turned to the right and locked eyes with me. The only thing I could do is smile, because as the great DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore would say, I was...

I don't know if you pitied me for being busted in such an embarrassing situation (granted, I don't really have any shame so there was no embarrassment on my end), if my smile was infectious, or you just appreciated the live entertainment two feet to your right during your drive home, but I appreciated the even wider smile and chuckle you gave me right after.

So, I just wanted to say that you're welcome for the free show and entertainment, and I hope it made the rest of your ride more enjoyable. And also, thank you in return for the smile, too. Because almost every single commute every single day, there's usually 100% road rage and 0% enjoyment.

But for the two minutes at that stoplight on Monday, it was about smiles, enjoyment, and mostly laughter at someone else's possible humiliation. And that sounds like a winning commute to me.

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