Well, this isn't the normal type of gang that police usually have to break up!

Epping PD posted on their Facebook page about a group of youths loitering downtown:


Not only is this adorable, but the comments on the post are hilarious.

Robin says:

"The gang violence is getting out of control!"

Bonnie says:

"not even one of them has a mask on!"

and Eric warns:

"Careful, it could be a hunter violation trap by the North Woods Law crew!"

Christopher says:

"I see that crew terrorizing the streets most mornings great job Epping PD keeping the streets clear!"

And one facebook poster even pointed out that it looks like one of the deer has a red nose.  Maybe Santa is sending Rudolph in to check and make sure everyone is being good!

I'll admit I'm not big on hunting (i know we need it, just have seen Bambi too many times!) , but deer hunting season is getting underway in New Hampshire soon.

Youth Deer Hunting weekend is October 24th and 25th according to Wildlife.state.NH. Deer/muzzle loader is October 31st-November 10th and regular deer season is November 11th-December 6th.

NH Fish and Wildlife posted a video to show what deer hunting looks like in the Granite State.

Thanks to the Epping Police Department for the fun post, and keeping the Epping streets safe from this band of hoodlums!


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