The only thing better than an espresso martini is a flight of four different and exquisite espresso martinis.

That's right, there is a coffee shop adn bar in New England that serves four delectable-looking espresso martinis.

Directly from the website, the flight below features:

The Classic: Vanilla vodka, Caffe Lolita coffee liqueur, Black Star Espresso.

Pumpkin' Pickin': House-made pumpkin sauce topped with pumpkin cold foam and a caramel cinnamon rim.

Salty Bytch: Brown butter toffee syrup topped with salted maple cold foam, sea salt caramel drizzle, and finished with a salted caramel rim.

A Little Bitter, A Little Sweet: Disaronno and Rumchata shaken and topped with vanilla cold foam with cinnamon cocoa powder.

Espressos get the people going. They are one of the best ways to start an evening off.

My wife and I love grabbing espressos prior to just about anything: a date, game night, sporting event, and so on.

Unlike wine, beer, or other cocktails, there is no sleeping option after one or two espresso martinis. The vodka loosens you up while the espresso keeps you prepared for whatever is about to come your way that night.

Espresso martinis are always my first drink of choice during an evening out. They get the night started with an easy-drinking sweet treat that will get the blood flowing.

That being said they must... made with real espresso. Not that vodka with espresso flavor.

The espresso martinis at Yellow King Brews ALL have real black star espresso, according to their website.

Check out the bar below:

Yellow King Brews is located in Wallingford, Connecticut.

Although not in New Hampshire or Maine, the spot is less than three hours from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

So, if you are an espresso martini person like myself, a three-hour drive is NOTHING to experience your favorite drink...with three major twists.

Here is the bar again, in video form. And if you want to know the 14 best places to get espresso martinis in New Hampshire, keep on scrolling!

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