If you're one of the millions of people who search for a job online, you'll want to read this.


Forbes.com business expert, Liz Ryan has the perfect way to fill in those pesky salary questions that pop up on those online applications.

If you want to earn more than you're making now (duh, who doesn't),and not flat out lie on the application, Ryan has a simple solution that won't have you feeling guilty about fudging your resume!

When you're just about to enter numbers in to those "starting salary" and "ending salary" fields, simply enter what you want to make at the job you're applying for. 
Ryan says 'Let’s say that figure is $55,000 per year. You’re going to insert that number many different times as you step through the pages of the online job application you’re completing,'

Then, says Ryan, 'The first time you're presented with the opportunity to insert a comment on your online application, type '"All salary figures in this application reflect my current salary target. That way, when you get to the part that asks if everything you entered in the application is true, you can click "yes," guilt-free.'

Hopefully, you'll land the job or your dreams and get paid what you're worth!







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