Sunday is Mother's Day. As the son of two florists, I know for a fact it's one of the biggest days of the year for any florist. So whether you buy Mom a dozen roses from your favorite florist, or you swing through a local grocery store for your bouquet, here are a few interesting facts about Mother's Day flowers.


25% of all flowers bought this year will be for Mother's Day. And almost 50% of us will buy flowers for our mom's this Sunday.

Carnations are always a very popular choice. But be careful what color carnation you give your mom. Red and pink carnations are perfect if your mom is living. White carnations are usually reserved for moms that have passed. And yes...lots of people still buy flowers for their mother after she has died. They usually take them to the cemetery and leave them at her grave stone.

Whatever flower you decide to buy your mom this year, know that not only will your mom love the thought...but research shows a bouquet of fresh flowers has positive health benefits as well.

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