Have you ever smiled while getting a parking ticket?

The obvious answer is "probably not". Well, 500 people in Boston, Massachusetts, certainly smiled, laughed, and maybe even happy cried over the weekend when they received parking tickets.

These were not traditional parking tickets.

500 Boston parking tickets were handed out with positive affirmations on them. So, when 500 Bostonians woke up, headed to their car, and saw a parking ticket, they actually saw kind words of love and support.

Can you imagine walking to your car, seeing that stupid and infuriating orange and white slip on the dash, and then realizing what it is? Or worse, seeing the parking ticket and crumbling it up to throw away without reading it?

Let's take a closer look at what some of these "tickets" said.

All 500 tickets read, "You are kind, you look great today, I believe in you."

The amount due was obviously $0.00.

This is an incredibly kind act by the Boston Police Department...or is it?

The parking tickets are nearly a direct replica of the actual parking tickets given out in the city. But these were not official Boston PD tickets. No, no, no....that would be too obvious.

These were homemade. So it wasn't the Boston Police with this hilarious act of kindness and self-affirmation.

Instead, it was a random Bostonian trying to spread some good vibes, self-love, and positivity in the city.

That is what it is all about. I love that someone took the time to make these tickets, cut them according to size, and craft self-affirmations on them. All done anonymously.

Well done to whoever the autonomous ticketer is. Thanks for spreading some love in New England.

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