There’s a group on Facebook called the Sisterhood of the Traveling Spirits. There are chapters all across the country and one right here in New Hampshire! These women call themselves “fairies” and they anonymously drop off gift baskets on people's doorsteps (ding dong ditch style) You can leave whatever you want; Spiked Seltzers, Swedish Fish, a stuffed giraffe, an encouraging note, etc. The goal is to spread kindness and joy during this time where so many people are struggling.

Our coworker Pauline told me about the group and she was actually visited last night!  Now this weekend she is going to be a fairy and spread some love around Rochester, New Hampshire. Here is a picture of the goodies she got. Is that a porcupine? How awesome!

Pauline Mason
Pauline Mason

Since people post their addresses in this group it is private. I tried to join last night and my membership is pending. I sure hope I get approved because I'm already brainstorming what I would put in my basket. If anyone has an "in" with the fairies let them know I am good candidate and I won't let them down!

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