When sitting down to watch a movie, there is so much more to enjoy than just the pictures on the screen. Forget about the actors for a second and think about all the work that is put into making a movie. You need composers to help add music and score the film.

Think about watching a horror movie without any sounds or eerie music playing in the background, it really wouldn’t be that scary. The film’s scoring helps add dramatic effects to the movie and gets viewers ready for what’s to come next.

There are so many amazing scores in movies. Some of the most known musical scores are Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, any Disney movie, The Lord of the Rings, Jaws, and Indiana Jones. However, there is one film franchise that has multiple music scores that almost anyone knows, I’m talking about the Star Wars franchise.

Gather round, my fellow Star Wars fans, because something magical and out of this galaxy is happening in Portland, Maine, this summer.

As part of their summer series, the Portland Symphony Orchestra will be putting on a performance ‘The Music of Star Wars.’ The show will be held at the Seaside Pavilion and will occur on Saturday, July 9 at 7:30 pm.

So granted you may not have to travel far to see this performance, you can go to a galaxy far, far away while listening to the music from some of the most iconic films.

According to the Portland Symphony Orchestra, Morihiko Nakahara will be conducting this 1 hour and 40-minute long performance. There will be an intermission, so you will have time to stretch your legs. However, if you are a Star Wars fan, then you should be able to sit through the performance without any intermission.

Gather your fellow Sith and Jedi friends for this event. You can find tickets and more information here.

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