Star Wars

NH Veteran, Star Wars Fan Dies After Fulfilling Wish
The Force will always be with Rob Villemaire. The huge Star Wars fan, who made headlines last month in his bid to see the latest installment of the series, passed Monday night in Bedford.
Rob Villemaire, the diehard Star Wars fan who, with the help of his indefatigable daughter and area firefighters…
This Awesome Chewbacca Hoodie Makes Cosplay Easy
I've never been one that eager to join the cosplay community. Dressing up as Harry Potter, Dr. Who or Lara Croft has never been a desire of mine. Okay, maybe I secretly wish I could dress like Lara Croft.
Star Wars Trailer
You may have noticed the internet is abuzz with excitement about the new Star Wars movie...
Star Wars Delayed
Looks like 'Star Wars: Episode 7' isn't quite done with casting just yet. Disney has just announced that two new faces will join the cast of J.J. Abrams' upcoming film following a major casting call, and that production will take a brief hiatus in August due to Harrison Ford'…
Ultimate Harry Potter Versus Star Wars Battle [VIDEO]
This is going to supplant the Star Wars versus Star Trek argument, isn't it? See who wins in this must-see standoff, replete with Australian accents that will have you wondering what the heck they're saying. Be sure to listen for the funniest moment comes right at the end!

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