Low unemployment, and an aging workforce has many New England very concerned.

Throw a couple of early season storms into the mix, and the amount of salt and sand used early isn't the most pressing issue facing cities and towns in New England.


George Jones once sang "Who's Going To Fill Their Shoes" in relation to Nashville's leading stars. It's a sentiment echoed throughout this part of the country, right down to those who plow residential driveways.

According to the Sun Journal, rising expenses for equipment and maintenance, random hours, and payment not always guaranteed, some local plow drivers say they’re noticing fewer people doing the job. They say start-up costs for a new truck and plow rig can reach between $50,000 and $80,000 depending on the truck, gear and possible salt/sander hookups.

Reggie from reggie's Sales & Service said "There’s a big vacuum of people looking for plow drivers.” “For what they’re getting paid for plowing, a lot of guys are getting out of plowing."

Have you experienced difficulty getting a plow contract this year?



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