Despite Fourth of July celebrations being canceled across the state of Maine due to coronavirus concerns, many people across Vacationland bought their own fireworks for personal use. But while celebrating America's independence can be incredibly fun for humans, fireworks celebrations can extremely frightening to animals. Most of the time, the worry is for house pets like cats and dogs but a tragic tale out from southern Maine shows all animals can be affected. Shared on Facebook by Troika Drafts and Harness Shop, a 30-year-old horse got frightened by fireworks on Saturday night and got loose from its enclosure. The horse was missing for 14 hours before being located stuck deep inside mud. When first responders arrived on scene, they worked fast to save the horse's life by removing it from the mud within an hour. Unfortunately, the injuries the horse sustained from being entrapped for so long made a full recovery a near impossibility. The owner of the horse opted for humane euthanasia so the horse wouldn't suffer any longer. It was a difficult decision for the owner as this particular horse was the last one of many that she had raised. This story highlights the delicate balance between celebrations and being aware of our surroundings and the animals that call them home. Celebrations for some can turn into heartbreak for others.

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