I will be first in line.  Looking for some good old family fun activities?  The New Haven Register is reporting that Palace Entertainment, the company that owns the popular amusement park Story Land, is opening the Living Shores Aquarium right next door!

The Aquarium will feature 32,000 square feet of activities and exhibits that will enthrall the old and young alike.  New Haven register offers up details like the features of four tide pool areas where you can reach in and touch marine life such as hermit crabs, sea stars, stingrays and even bamboo sharks.

Living Shores Aquarium will also feature a Tropical Rainforest exhibit with an aviary full of lorikeets and other tropical birds soaring from perch to perch and red-footed tortoises wandering around the ground level of the exhibit.  There will also be interactive educational exhibits to experience.

At Draw Alive, a child can design their own underwater creatures, color and scan them into a machine and watch as the spring to life on a giant wall-sized underwater environment.

It sounds like great fun for the whole family.

Living Shores Aquarium will open November 4.

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