Our last stop on our five cities in five days tour could not have been better. I absolutely adored the hometown feeling of Farmer's Kitchen in Farmington. Regulars trickled in throughout the morning and were greeted by smiling servers who knew their names and their orders by heart. It is not an experience you can get at many places anymore, which is among the many reasons that make Farmer's Kitchen so special.

Five reasons why YOU need to become a regular at Farmer's Kitchen:

1) They refer to their customers as "guests" and treat them as such

When you walk through those front doors you have step foot into their home. From that moment on they strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

2) It is Dog-friendly!

You don't need to leave your four-legged friend at home on a Saturday morning. :)

3) There is a secret to their omelets that make them the best you will have in your life.

We asked the owner Duane what his secret was. He said he would tell us but then he would have to kill us...

4) It's rich family history

Aunt Maude, Uncle Cricket and Aunt Gail are just a few dishes on the Farmer's Kitchen menu named after real relatives/customers. I strive to have a Benedict or omelet named after me one day. #AuntKirasBenny #goals FUN FACT: The stove depicted above was owned by the real Aunt Maude!

5) The ear-to-ear smile you won't be able to wipe off your face after you leave

So we don't like to play favorites but Bill and I both agreed that we are obsessed with The Farmer's Kitchen in Farmington. We hope to do another Big Breakfast tour in the Fall and if the Farmer's Kitchen would be kind enough to have us back, we would seriously love that.

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