Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that winter officially begins on December 21. Because if WMUR-TV weather reports are accurate...we're in for the first real taste of winter tonight.

Meteorologist Kevin Skarupa is predicting anywhere between 2 and 8 inches depending on where you live in the Granite State.

And it always seems like every year when we get the first big snow, a lot of people forget how to drive. I'm not sure why. Most folks grew up here. They know it';s going to snow. Yet, every year it takes a day or two of accidents before everyone kind of settles down and starts driving properly.

The Portsmouth Police Department offered these five tips on their Facebook page for being prepared if you have to be out in the snow tonight.

1. Washer it off

2. Gas...fill your tank

3. Gas pedal...lay off of it. You'll get there eventually.

4. Leave earlier to get to work. It's the smart and responsible thing to do. Your boss will
be impressed

5. Use you phone while getting there? The police will not be impressed.


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