It may not seem like it right now, considering Mother Nature isn't cooperating, but spring is on the way. Retailers also know it too. That's why they always put these five things on sale every April.


Paint. Spring seems to be the time for home projects. After a long winter stuck inside, you begin to notice all those things you ignore over the summer. So places like Home Depot and Lowes love this time of year. You'll find paint and other home repair items  marked way down in April.


Sneakers. As exercise routines move outdoors, stores and websites get pretty competitive with prices.


Car Tune-ups. April is National Car Care Month for a reason. Now that snow and ice are on the decline, people will be driving even more. So auto shops, and mechanics offer great deals on tune-ups, oil changes, and new tires.


Vacations. April is a weird month in the travel industry. It isn't winter. But it isn't summer. And most people don't really plan spring vacations. So hotels and airlines make pretty good deals for last minute vacations.


Pots and pans. Although the last thing your mom probably wants for Mother's Day is a reminder that her job is to cook, you can get some pretty amazing deal on cookware. And if you ask nicely, maybe mom will make her world-famous lasagna.

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