New England recently placed 4 of the top 11 slots in life expectancy.

view from Mount Washington in New Hampshire
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For generations, THE thing to do after retiring has been move to Florida. The golden years spawned an idea for the Golden Girls, a show set in Miami!  Florida is the land of golf courses, all-day buffet, and loads of free time. According to USA Today, a baby born in 2016 in the United States can be expected to live 78.6 years on average, more than seven years longer than a baby born in 1980. The increase in life expectancy at birth, as well as the likelihood of living a long life,

While Hawaii came in at #1 for being, well...Hawaii, it was interesting to see how well states in New England placed in the top 10.

Clocking in at #4 is Connecticut, with an expected life of 80.8 years. New Hampshire placed at #10 with just under 80 years, at 79.9. USA Today wrote "No other state has a lower poverty rate, and only one has a lower share of households with an annual income of $10,000 or less. The Granite State has the eighth highest share of adults with a bachelor's degree or higher."

Also placing in the top 11, were Massachusetts at #6, and Vermont at #11.

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