Say it ain't so! I'm still holding out hope that the place that makes THE BEST cheeseburger sub in my hometown of Rochester isn't closing.

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I first noticed that it was closed on Saturday and then yesterday I took a couple photos while investigating.

If you look very closely in the window to the far left, the potato chip rack is still fully stocked. I noticed that the soda fridge was fully stocked and on inside as well.

They've been open exactly three years now on the corner of Columbus and Wilson street and I've grown very fond of not only the aforementioned cheeseburger sub but their french fries as well. They must be fresh cut because they taste just like they were made at the fair.

If I was any kind of investigator I'd take it a step further and call the number of the FOR RENT sign, but, I'd prefer to be in denial and hope that is in regards to an apartment building upstairs.

People of the Lilac City! Have you heard anything? Hearsay? Rumors? Facts? They're all welcome here.