The perfect place to get some fresh air and host an outdoor event just may be the roof of a parking garage.  In a brilliant plan, the city of Portsmouth is planning to open up the rooftop of the Foundry Place parking garage to aid local businesses affected by the stay at home orders.  According to, the opening of the upper two floors of the parking garage will allow local businesses that do not have space for outdoor seating to have an outdoor venue.


Black Trumpet Bistro has been doing takeout during the restaurant restrictions but is very excited about being able to offer outdoor dining since they have very limited sidewalk space to offer outdoor dining.  Evan Mallet, chef and owner of Black Trumpet Bistro tells “It’s been beyond devastating.  We have already seen the loss of several restaurants in our downtown.  Eleven so far since March 15th.”


It may not be perfect, and it may take some time to work out the details, but the city is working on the details to use the space at the Foundry Place Parking garage to aid local businesses.  Not just for restaurants, but to also assist retail shops and the arts.  We can look forward to the opening of the rooftop venue on July first and the grand opening on July 15.  It’s just the help struggling local businesses need to get a boost and help those that would otherwise face closures.  The idea of pop-up restaurants and shops is really a stroke of genius and shows how innovative Americans can be.




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