It seems like malls are a dying industry these days, but that doesn't stop us from reminiscing about the good ol' glory days when they were the place to be.

Maybe you're someone who could care less about malls. Perhaps you'd rather do your shopping at outdoor plazas where all the stores are accessible from the street, rather than walk into a massive building and work your way back to the store of your choosing.

Your feelings are understandable. After all, plazas like this do look quite lovely.

Scenery of shopping district

But you must admit, there's something special about going inside a busy, bustling mall and seeing people having fun with their loved ones by going on shopping sprees and enjoying food or ice cream.

The Fox Run Mall in Newington, New Hampshire, is likely not one of the grandiose malls that comes to mind when you visualize this. That said, it still carries plenty of nostalgia and memories for many, especially from back when more of its stores were open and larger crowds roamed the halls.

According to SeacoastOnline, the Mall at Fox Run (let's be's the Fox Run Mall), first opened back in 1983. By 2011, it housed over 80 open stores. This number has since gone down to "over 60" today, according to the mall's website. Unfortunately, these numbers only seem to be dwindling with time.

Even though the increasingly-empty mall faces a future of uncertainty, that doesn't stop us from remembering its heyday, and the businesses that once called this place home.

So, let's take a trip down memory lane and look at these 22 stores that used to be in the Fox Run Mall.

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