The Christmas season is here! The decorations are up. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer is on the radio. Sales are in full swing at the mall and online. And everywhere you look, someone has a Christmas tree strapped to the top of their SUV.

But isn't it a little early to put up a live tree? It's not even December yet. Won't the needles be dropping off in a come Christmas morning there's nothing but bare branches hovering over Santa's gifts? Even if you're really diligent and water it every day, I feel like a live tree requires a lot of effort.

Maybe it's time to consider an artificial tree. As fake and phony as that sounds, I have friends who swear they'll never go back to a live tree. Cost is always a consideration. Artificial trees are expensive. But it's a one time cost. Live trees are really expensive too. And you have to spend that money every year.

So what do folks in Maine and New Hampshire live better than a fake Christmas tree? Here's what they said...

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