I love Christmas. I love the spirit of the holiday.

This year's a little extra special because it's the first Christmas being married to my wife, Madeleine, and we're trying to start our own holiday traditions. So we headed out to cut down our Christmas tree on Saturday.

Bill Fox/Townsquare Media
Bill Fox/Townsquare Media

Once we got it home we pulled out her decorations, my decorations, and a couple of new ones we got especially for this Christmas. After some negotiating the best way to put the lights on the tree (she starts from the top and I start from the bottom) we were on our way. And I have to say it didn't look too bad. But then we discovered we didn't have a Christmas tree topper. No star. No angel. Nothing. So at 10 p.m. we bundled up and hit Kohls in Seabrook in search of something...anything...to put at the top of our tree.

Sadly, we found nothing. So the next morning we headed out again. This time we hit paydirt at Michael's. And while we don't absolutely love it...we found a star that doesn't look half bad. And as one person commented this morning, we'll probably end up keeping that star for a long time because of the story of how we got it.

Shortly after telling the story, people started sending me pictures of their Christmas toppers. And I have to say...some of them are awesome. Take a look...

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