As we approach the finish line to this marathon pandemic, let’s not lose sight that we still haven’t crossed the finish line, we are getting there. Many businesses including restaurants and the arts are still struggling.  Help is on the way.  According to reporting by an organization called Portsmouth Together 200 Challenge is hoping to help those businesses that need it the most.  Mark Stebbins of XSS Hotels and real estate developer Jeff Johnston has offered to match up to $100,000 in donations for Portsmouth restaurants and the arts.


The Mayor of Portsmouth was the first to step up and offer $500.  The Portsmouth Together 200 Challenge was commenced at Enzio, the restaurant that is on top of the AC Hotel. Enzio has been helping those during the pandemic by donating 13,000 meals according to Jeff Johnston tells the news outlet “You get the flywheel going, you give it to Take Out Hunger, they give it to restaurants.

It’s the same thing with us with this $100,000.  Our $100,000 will hopefully lead to another $100,000 or more.”  This is just the help that Portsmouth needs to limp their way over the finish line to get to summer when hopefully more people will be vaccinated, the infection rate will be down, and the restrictions will be lifted.  Restaurants just need to hang in there for a little longer.  I think pent-up demand will bring a boom to the Portsmouth area once the restrictions are relaxed.  I can’t wait to go to a concert, and the biggest thing for me is to visit some bars have a drink or 2...with some friends...






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