You have to love the Granite State. With the motto "live free or die," there is no other state that I would personally rather live in. Granite Staters are good people, hardworking, and kind.

Just last week, something really incredible happened at two gas stations in New Hampshire.

Travelers on Thursday at Simon’s Market in Littleton, New Hampshire, saw gas prices for $2.38, according to a Boston 25 News article.

"Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire is partnering with the Mobil at 4-6 Mall Road in Salem and the Mobil at 456 Union Street in Littleton to offer motorists regular unleaded gasoline at a lowered price of $2.38 a gallon," according to a an NBC article.

When news of this was leaked, people from all over started lining up. This photo captures the long line of cars waiting to get in on the discounted action.

The $2.38 gallon a gas happened for an hour-and-a-half in Littleton on Wednesday, June 29, and Thursday, June 30, in Salem.

“This is part of our national True Cost of Washington Tour,” said Greg Moore, State Director of Americans for Prosperity to NBC. "People are getting crushed right now by the high costs of inflation.”

According to NBC, Simon's Market sold over a thousand gallons of gas at a reduced price during the hour-and-a-half period, all made possible by thousands of donors across the country.

“A lot of people who are on fixed incomes or low incomes, those are the people who are coming out,” said Matthew Simon, the owner of Simon’s Market, to NBC. “We wanna give relief to people who really need it.”

Hopefully we can get back on track as a country (in more ways than one).

I was happy to see some of the 603 have normal prices for gas...for an hour anyway.

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