Call this one a stroke of genius. The brains at the Goffstown Economic Development Council came up with the idea of Restaurant bingo per reporting by  So the concept is that you can print a bingo card and after you spend $10 or more at any restaurant that is participating in the bingo program, you get a stamp.  The goal, just like regular bingo, is to fill a row on the bingo card. After you score a bingo, you can take your completed bingo card to the Goffstown Town Hall and enter to win a gift certificate for $25 at a local business.

Council director Johann Duffy tells, “The restaurants have been struggling during the pandemic.  We’re trying to think of a way to reach out and help the businesses get a little more customers into their doors.” What a great way of drumming up business, and a great way to encourage residents to try a place that they have never been to before.  If I was about to score bingo by checking off a restaurant I have never been to, it might become one of my favorites.

Sounds like a fantastic idea to bring in customers that may have overlooked certain restaurants.  Plus, it takes us out of our comfort zone to try new things. Goffstown is planning on running the restaurant bingo program by giving away two gift certificates a week until April 30th.  Never underestimate the ingenuity of New Englanders.  Maybe they could keep the program going after April and include all local businesses, not just restaurants.





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