Testing, testing, testing. That’s all we hear about in the news these days, but they seem to be in very short supply. And even if you qualify for a test, where do you get one? In most states in the country, you need to have several symptoms to even qualify for one. But I would love to get the test to see if I am asymptomatic. Every time I cough, I worry if it’s just seasonal allergies or do I have the virus. When my family gets the flu, I usually and the only one that doesn’t get sick so I fear I may be one of these asymptomatic people and worry that I could infect others. This test would give me some peace of mind. Even if I test negative, I am committed to wearing the mask when I go out and about.

Beginning today Monday, May 11th according to patch.com/new-hampshire, the pharmacy chain Rite Aid will be offering the coronavirus test at no charge. The test will be offered to anyone, even if they are not showing any symptoms. The Rite Aid company announced that it would be ramping up testing in 71 sites across the county and there are two locations right here in New Hampshire. The Rite Aid at 1390 Lafayette Road in Portsmouth and the Rite Aid in Manchester located at 1631 Elm Street.

When I heard about this, I was concerned that I would have to wait in a long line with a large crowd of people which would be risky but according to the patch.com/new-hampshire, Jim Peters, the chief operating officer of Rite Aid, has said: “Opening testing to asymptomatic individuals, as well as providing more locations using our drive-through window, represent important milestones in our response to the pandemic.” In order to get the test, you need to get on the RiteAid.com website and schedule a time for your test. When you arrive in their drive-through window you will get a self-swap nasal test. Don’t worry about not doing it correctly, a pharmacist will be there to guide you and make sure it’s done correctly.


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