If you are looking for a way to get in the mood for Halloween but don’t want to deal with the crowds in Salem, Massachusetts and you just can’t wait till the Portsmouth Halloween Parade, try a walking tour in Portsmouth!  That crisp smell is back in the air.  Some of the trees near my apartment are starting to change colors and that fall feeling is with me.  I found the best way to find out about a city is to take walking tours.  I found a spooky one in Portsmouth.

New England Curiosities

There are many tours that will get you in the mood.  There is a Shadows and Stones Cemetery Tour that according to the newenglandcuriosities.com website says is “One of the Five Best Cemetery Tours in New England – Yankee Magazine.”  You can learn a great deal about Portsmouth's history and there are amazing examples of 17th and 18th-century gravestones.  If the stones are not enough to get you, the stories that your tour guide, Roxie J. Zwicker tells will send shivers down your spine.


Explore the Darker side of Portsmouth


The Wicked Haunted Waterfront Tour is a bit dark and may not be appropriate for anyone under 16.  Do you want to learn about pirates and sailors that met an untimely end?  This is the tour for you.  You can even discover a secret tunnel that many Portsmouth residents don’t even know about.  I took a historic walking tour of Portsmouth when I first relocated to New England and found the history fascinating.  A walking tour with a talented storyteller is so entertaining and informative.  Check out the New England Curiosities website for times and available dates and to stay up to date with any COVID precautions.  Prepared to be scared.


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