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Get Ready for Some Old-Fashioned Fun in Downtown Concord


Looking for some kid-friendly fun


Downtown Concord certainly has a lot of food and grill choices, but not a lot of variety.  The owner of Wow Fried Check and Subs is looking to change that.  Maher Abbas is opening an arcade.  He hopes to provide a place for families, kids, and tourists to want to hang out at.  I miss the days of the old-fashioned arcade.  I used to be good at pinball.


Variety is Just What Downtown Concord Needs


An arcade will bring in a fun activity and some variety for downtown Concord.  Abbas wants it to remain truly old-fashioned.  The arcade will take quarters, not digital payments.  Abbas feels strongly that the fees that digital payment companies are too high.  Abbas tells the “If you look around here, the town has a grill, bar, grill, pasta, okay, all that.  No fried chicken except KFC, and no Middle East Food. You want to have fun after you finish work downtown.  But, you know, you just eat and drink downtown; food, food, food, that’s it.”


Opening Soon


Abbas hopes to open the arcade in the next few weeks, but there is no hard opening date yet.  So far, he is imagining opening the arcade from noon to 1 am depending on the type of traffic the arcade gets.  Abbas, who has three children, is the perfect example of the American Dream.  He came here as a refugee from Iraq with just $75 in his pocket 14 years ago and has worked hard for the dream.  The pandemic was tough, and he had his share of staffing problems according to but he pushed through and is expanding his business with the arcade which will provide some fun for everyone.



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