Great ready for some outdoor excitement.

Coming this fall, Mill City Park is expected to open to the public at Franklin Falls, according to  An old mill town closed its mill back in the 1970s and the town has sort of faded into obscurity, the news article reported.  That is all about to change.

The construction of Mill City Park is expected to begin in July with some aspects open as early as this fall, according to This looks like so much fun.

What Kind of Activities Will There Be?

The free park will feature kayaking, boogie boarding, whitewater rafting, and even surfing on the Winnipesaukee River year-round, according to

Marty Parichand, who is the founder of Mill City Park, told, “There are 300 whitewater parks across the country and there’s not one here. It’ll totally change the game for Franklin, and it will do so with free outdoor recreation.”

Free outdoor recreation sounds like just what is needed to revitalize the shops and restaurants in town.

When Will the Park Be Completed?

Funded by $2.5 million in grant money and private donations the park will begin construction on trails, wavemakers, camps, water play areas for kids, and even an outdoor amphitheater, according to  Each phase of the park will open at a different time, but construction should be completed around 2022, the news article added.

The way they describe putting in a way to make waves that you can surf on in the Winnipesaukee sounds so exciting.  Think of it.  A way to surf without the sharks!  I have always wanted to try whitewater rafting.  Maybe this will be my year.




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