I have always dreamed about camping. As a city kid, I used to think it was the ultimate adventure. My wife grew up in a rural area and has camped many times as a kid and thinks I am too “soft” to go camping. I may have found the spot to fulfill my dreams. The Boston Globe is reporting on the ongoing construction of “treetop” lodges at the Hidden Pond getaway spot in Kennebunk, Maine.

While not actually built at the top of trees, the lodges give you the feeling of treetop living. EOS Regional Resorts' creative director and partner of Hidden Ponds parent company says “They’ll feel like treehouses in the way you get up into them, and they’re also designed completely to bring the outdoors inside so that it basically feels like you are sleeping out in the forest.”

The hotel is building 10 lodges to bring us an immersive view of the woods. They will include a screened-in porch with a full-sized day bed so you will feel like you are sleeping outside without the irritation of bugs. Hidden Pond is looking to bring a unique experience with décor like outdoor showers and vanities carved from Maine wood with the bark still attached. There will be luxury amenities such as watercolor classes, yoga and a classic “farm to fork” restaurant according to the Boston Globe.

The treehouse lodges are set to open in June and nightly rates for an entire cabin will start at $809, a suite for $609 and the studio at $409. It seems pricey but when you add up the cost of actual camping including buying the tent, supplies, bear repellent, gear not to mention carrying your own gear, this might be just the spot.


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