Get your rainbow flags ready for the Rochester Pride Parade scheduled for August 28 this year. According to officials, last year’s parade was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions but this year the parade/rally is back on. Rochester Main Street organizers are excited about the upcoming parade and rally. This year’s Pride Rally will be held at Central Square in downtown Rochester, New Hampshire.


Brightening Up Rochester Main Street


Expect to see rainbow flags flying and making Rochester’s Main Street vibrant and colorful.  Rochester Main Street board member Matt Wyatt says “we want to get our Pride event back to its original format, which is more of a rally.  We want to host a rally that includes guest speakers, live music, and a friendly and safe environment for all.  Going forward, we are focused more on people and less on corporate sponsors and for-profit vendors.”  The Main Street organization will hand out flags to any business that wants one to make our city colorful.


Have fun and Hear Speeches


There will be speeches by local LGBTQ+ activists and local leaders in addition to live music performed by The Leftist Marching Band.  The Pride Rally will be held between 1 and 4 pm.  Come out and join the fun.  Since Rochester is my adopted hometown and I live in the downtown Rochester area I will be looking forward to the color and excitement.  I already love the painted concrete barriers, the rainbow flags will make a nice, colorful touch to the Main Street section.



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