Nothing says "I Love You" like a bouquet filled with carbs. Breadsticks from the Olive Garden have a special place in my heart. We used to go there for lunch in college because the breadsticks were unlimited and we were broke as a joke. I'm surprised they never asked us to leave to be honest.

The Olive Garden clearly realizes that their breadsticks are love because they are encouraging you to give that special someone a breadstick bouquet for Valentine's Day. According to Pop Sugar, don't expect to see the breadstick bouquet as a menu item. However, if place an order of breadsticks you can print out the special bouquet container from their website. Each bouquet has a special romantic message on it that has something to do with Italian food. Such as, "we go together like spaghetti and meatballs".

If you are going to give your person the gift of bready deliciousness, make sure you deliver it quickly while they are still warm and savory. No one wants a stale bouquet for V-day.

The Participating New Hampshire Olive Garden locations are Concord, Newington, and Manchester.

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