The concert season is upon us, and with it is a big celebration at one of New England's most celebrated venues.

This place is as well-known for its monumental music events as it is for its championship football games.

Gillette Stadium is wading into epic territory, exuberant with excitement for the venue's 100th concert, making history at the arena.  With that is the staggering figure of over five million people who have attended concerts at the beloved stadium.

Which performer will have the honor of the 100th show on May 30, 2024?  It will be the band who played the inaugural concert at Gillette Stadium almost 22 years ago, The Rolling Stones, according to a press release from the New England Patriots.

Getty Images/Maddie Meyer
Getty Images/Maddie Meyer

Both Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran each performed their first NFL stadium show here. Gillette Stadium is a special place, bringing people from all over the Northeast and the country.

There have been over 30 different acts performing at the stadium over the past two decades, including Kenny Chesney, who will be playing a record-setting 22nd, 23rd, and 24th shows in August.

Taylor Swift has played 13 shows at Gillette Stadium, and Bruce Springsteen has performed seven times.  Ed Sheeran has entertained the crowds seven times, five of those as headliner.  Sheeran was the opening act for Taylor Swift on the "Red" Tour in 2013, and they remain best friends still.

Fun fact: Ed Sheeran holds the record for the most in attendance at a single show at the stadium, with 71,723 people.

Gillette Stadium
Kraft Sports and Entertainment

If you are looking for tickets to this legendary 100th concert, go to for more information on this and all concerts for this season, and get ready to rock.

Special event train tickets go on sale on Thursday, May 16, at 11 AM at

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