Regardless of the amount of money they make, the insane fandom they have, and the fact that they're seen daily either on television, in movies, or in some cases both -- at the end of the day, celebrities are humans just like us.

They wake up in the morning, they get dressed, they have jobs to do, they eat -- literally the only difference between them and us is their celebrity. But every now and then, we'll get reminders at how much like us they are.

Yesterday in New Hampshire was one of those reminders.

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Ginger Zee in New Hampshire

Known mostly for her work as Chief Meteorologist on Good Morning America, Ginger Zee also happens to be an accomplished author and mental health advocate. And mental health is what brought Ginger to the 603 on Thursday -- she was tapped to be a guest speaker at a Center for Life Management event in Atkinson.

erinfehlau via Instagram
erinfehlau via Instagram

Center for Life Management New Hampshire

With locations in Derry and Salem, New Hampshire, Center for Life Management -- according to their official website -- considers their mission:

To promote the health and well-being of individuals, families and organizations.

Having battled mental health struggles of her own (which she's been very open about, including uploading videos to her Instagram page highlighting her recovery from an eating disorder as well as admitting to an obsession with a negative view of her body), Ginger was the perfect guest speaker for CLM's event at Atkinson Resort & Country Club last night.

According to WMUR news anchor and New Hampshire Chronicle host, Erin Fehlau, Ginger's "powerful message that is saving lives" will be highlighted in a future episode of NH Chronicle.

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