Dunkin Donuts coffee is multi purpose. As well as your morning pick me up it can also serve as a healthy hair dye substitute. Heres how!

According to delish.com all you need for this coffee hair dying endeavor is

  • A pound of Dunkins Dark Roast
  • Shampoo and Conditioner (preferably moisturizing)
  • Shower Cap
  • Dark Towel

Mix 4 tablespoons of coffee with two cups of conditioner. Wash your hair with shampoo and towel dry it. Then apply the mixure to your hair, root to tip. Let the hair set for an hour under the shower cap if you'd like a cleaner experience.

Rinse your hair until all the coffee residue is out and towel dry it once again before styling. voila! Your hair is left with a rich chocolatey tone. And the bonus? It will smell like a fresh cup of joe.

Coffee, sandwiches, hair products, what does Dunkin not do? Who knows, maybe down the line we will see Dunkin hair salons where you can sip on your favorite latee and get your dark roast dye job. :)