Because lets face it- we all dread the next day at work

NESN annoucned earlier today that the Patriots/ Jets Week 12 matchup originally scheduled for Sunday Night, 11/27 has been "flexed out" of its originally scheduled time slot in exchange the Denver/Kansas City game on the same day.

I don't know about you, but I was elated to hear such news.  I've always hated 8:30 games on the eve of workdays.  I've never understood it.  Do organizations like the NFL, NBA, NHL & MLB not realize a large majority of us work for a living?

This move makes sense.  Sunday Night Football is all about ratings and when you compare the competitive matchup between Denver & KC vs. NE and NYJ (who are terrible) it's likely that the former will attract more of a national audience.

And guess what?  We all get to bed earlier here in the Northeast!