Wendy Lee Auger is a sassy mama from Gonic, New Hampshire. Like every mom in history, Wendy likes to remind her kids to "Pee Before We Go"! We have all heard that phrase before you embark on a long car ride. In my house it would go like this:

Mom: Pee before we go!

Me: I don't have to go.

Mom: Well, try.

Sure enough, I always managed to go.

Wendy has been rockin' this license plate for 15 years!

According to Fosters, 92 New Hampshire motorists received recall letters for vanity plates over the last few weeks and Wendy is one of them. Wendy has received honks for her witty license plate over the years and some people have even asked if they can snap a photo of it! Wendy is filing an appeal and believes that this recall is in violation of our state's motto, "Live Free or Die".

I bet no one has ever felt offended or personally victimized by this license plate. I really don't see the problem. If anything it is a friendly reminder to void one's blatter before a long car ride.

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